I weighed in at 262.5 pounds on March 21, 2011. I try to eat 100% raw foods.

Here’s a summary of my weight loss so far:

Weigh-in Date Difference Weight Total Lost
Week 0 03/21/11 n/a 262.5 n/a
Week 1 03/28/11 -10 252.5 10 pounds
Week 2 04/01/11 -3.5 249.0 13.5 pounds
Week 3 04/11/11 -2.5 246.5 16.0 pounds
Week 4 04/18/11 -3.0 243.5 19.0 pounds
Week 5 04/25/11 -3.0 240.5 22.0 pounds
Week 6 05/02/11 +0.5 241.0 21.5 pounds
Week 7 05/09/11 +1 242.0 20.5 pounds
Week 14 06/22/11 +10 252.0 10.5 pounds
Week 15 06/27/11 -2 250.0 12.5 pounds
Week 16 07/04/11 -2 248.0 14.5 pounds
Week 17 07/11/11 +2 250.0 12.5 pounds
Week 18 07/18/11 -7 243.0 19.5 pounds
Week 19 07/25/11 -4 239.0 23.5 pounds
Week 20 08/01/11 -1.5 237.5 25.0 pounds
Week 21 08/08/11 -4.0 233.5 29.0 pounds
Week 22 08/15/11 -1.5 232.0 31.5 pounds
Week 23 08/22/11 -1.0 231.0 30.0 pounds
Week 25 08/29/11 0.0 231.0 30.0 pounds
Week 26 09/06/11 +0.5 231.5 30.5 pounds


11 Responses to PROGRESS

  1. Congratulations! You are doing great. :) Glad to read that your DH is also interested in eating very high raw. Good luck and keep blogging about your progress. :)

    • Earthy Eater says:

      Thanks for stopping by Laura-Jane and for the encouraging words. I’m committed to doing this, but know theat there may be some rough patches ahead. I’ll look to you for inspiration. Your blog has some really useful information that will help me on my journey. I plan to visit you there often!

      • I think it’s important to support one another. I live in a small rural area in Canada, and there are no raw fooders in my area. So I like meeting and chatting raw online with people such as yourself. I find it helps with my motivation. :)

        • Earthy Eater says:

          So true, Laura-Jane. I’m getting a lot of information over at Raw Food Talk. There are so many raw foodies out there witha wealth of information. I’m just starting, but folks like you have been at it for years. Lucky me. :)

  2. Lani says:

    Congrats on your progress! You’re doing great. I have some weight I want to lose too. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. :-)

    • Earthy Eater says:

      Thanks Lani! It’s funny, I went slogging (jog walking) tonight and got through it jogging at a super slow pace. I was going to post that I was the tortoise and not the hare and voila! I log on and see your encouraging post. I appreciate it. I like what your doing over at Raw Inspiring. A year from now, hopefully, we’ll both have awesome body shots posted! Ha!

  3. Runner says:

    Love what Lani said, “slow and steady” both for the weight loss and running. I started out doing both losing weight and running and have attained my goal by doing them both slowly. Keep up the good work.

    • Earthy Eater says:

      Thanks Runner. I think you’re totally right. This is how I’m approaching the workout especially. I’m thinking that the Tortoise runs this race faster than me. Who knows though — maybe in a few weeks I’ll be reporting that I ran fast????

      Anyway, thanks for your encouragement!

      • Runner says:

        You are inspiring me to stick to eating raw. You are doing great with your weight loss.

        • Earthy Eater says:

          Hi again, Runner,

          Your comment is inspiring ME to keep going. :) Thank you! I’ve been sticking to raw effortlessly. I have not been running. I got busy with work and that was the first thing to go. My work world is slowing down next week, so I plan to get back out there.

          Sticking to raw is easy as long as you’re not fixated on the food and “being raw.” I’ve just been living my life and reaching for apples instead of apple pie. But…if I want apple pie, I know I can make a raw one! ;)

          • Runner says:

            Whoooo hooo. Love the fact that you have posted what you are eating, very inspirational. You are doing quite well. Would love to see the body shots!!

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